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Sell Your Artwork

Selling Process

Listing Registration

Those who wish to sell the artwork will have to register for the listing. With a single registration you can list only 1 artwork for selling.

Submitting High Resolution and clear image of the artwork

After registration within 48 hours, you will receive the link to list your artwork and you will have to send the high resolution images from the front and different angles (Atlest 3 images of the same artwork)

Selling Price

You can list your artwork at your desired selling price, or we can provide you with your artwork valuation price on which you can sell the artwork. (Valuation is determined by the similar artwork sold in past - comparing price of 1000s of such artwork from our database)

Artwork Delivery

Once the artwork is sold you will receive the money after we receive the delivery confirmation from the buyer, you will have to courier the artwork directly to the buyer.

Our Comission

Domestic Sale - 15% Commission

International Sale - 25% Commission.

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