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Arts And Painting Competition

Hashtag Kalakar is organizing an online national and global-level art and painting competition to give wings to the talent of many.

Many aspiring artists choose to enter talent competitions. It is a great way of getting noticed in the industry and gaining exposure to a wider audience. They can also be a strong way to develop as an artist and also develop confidence as a performer.

It’s a great way to get exposure in the art and entertainment industry and meet people who could potentially help you in the future. Whatever stage you’re at, an art and painting competition is designed to test your abilities against other performers and help you improve. 

Last Date of Registration: 1st June 2024

1st Prize - Rs.1,50,000/-

2nd Prize - Rs.1,00,000/-
The top 10 participants will win a FREE trip to BALI*.

Register For the Arts and Painting Competition (Can submit up to 5 Artwork)

Below 9 years of age


Between 10 to 19 years


20 years and above


Registration Fee Is Refunded If You Are Not Selected Into Top 500

The competition is completely online, registered candidates will be sent instructions regarding the online procedure.

Last Date Of Registration - 1st June 2024
Last Date of Sending Artwork - 16th July 2024

Competitions Final Result - Dates will be informed to participants after the last date of submission.

Selection Procedure

  1. From all the registered artists top 500 artworks will be selected by the judges, after that, all the screening will be done on the basis of the audience voting.

  2. The best 500 artwork will receive the instruction about the competition and You can choose your own theme. (Our team will promote the artists)

  3. Audience voting will be done online on our website. (The voting system will be explained to the artists).

  4. Judges will also evaluate the artists on the basis of their performance and the score of the judges will carry 50% of the total votes. (voting calculation will be explained to the best 500 artists)

  5. Artists receiving the maximum votes will win the competition.

Perks of the Competition

  1. The first Prize will receive Rs.1,50,000/-.

  2. The Second Prize will receive Rs.1,00,000/-.

  3. Writers/Poets will get names and fame because our team will be promoting the work of artists.

  4. The work of the top 500 Artists will be published in our #Kalakar Magazine.

  5. Global Ranking Participating Certificate will be given.

  6. The top 10 artists will get featured in News publications along with their ranking mentioned.

How To Register?

  1. Choose the Age Category and pay the registration fee.

  2. Post-registration within 24 hours link to submit writing will be sent on the registered mail ID. [Do enter the correct mail ID while registering and after 24 hours if you don't find the submission link in your mailbox, do check your spam box as well.]

  3. The submission has to be done in. Jpeg, Jpg, and . PNG Format only.

  4. The submission has to be done before the last date of submission.

  5. Make sure you are doing one submission at a time.

Type of Artwork Allowed

  1. Sketching – The creation of original work by applying pencil/colored pencils to a surface.

  2. Acrylic Painting – The creation of original work by applying acrylic paint to a surface. The
    surface is not limited to canvas; it can be on wood, plaster, leather, metal, glass, etc.

  3. Oil Painting – The creation of original work by applying oil paint, oil sticks, or oil pastels to a
    surface. The surface is not limited to canvas; it can be on wood, plaster, leather, metal, etc.

  4. Watercolor – The creation of work using watercolor paint. The surface is not limited to canvas;
    it can be on wood, plaster, leather, metal, etc.

  5. Monochromatic Drawing – A monochromatic drawing consists of lines that use a single color
    and shades of that color that may be done using pencil, ink, charcoal, etc. Any use of
    additional color should be entered into the colored drawing.

  6. Colored Drawing – A colored drawing consists of lines of two or more colors and may be done
    using colored pencils, markers, etc.

  7. Pastels – An art medium in the form of a stick, consisting of pure powder pigment and a binder.
    Pastel is usually a painting rather than a drawing because the color is applied in masses rather
    than lines. The encaustic painting should be entered into this category.

  8.  Sculpture – Art created by shaping, combining, modeling, or casting materials such as plastic,
    clay, textiles, wax, or polymers into a work of art. They may be free-standing or relief.

  9. Fine Art, Mixed Media – The use of two or more fine arts techniques in the creation of a
    single piece of fine art. Using two types of paint (oil and acrylic).

For any queries feel free to write to us at

The winner's content will be removed from the website at the end of the event and you will be able to see that on Magazine.

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